Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Almost 10 months natural woohoo!!!

So this month will mark 10 months since I decided to go natural. In that time frame I have probably tried a million products and styling techniques out. I think I finally found my winning combinations. My hair suffered from severe heat and dye damage when I first started last October that it would barely even curl. Every few months I would gradually cut some of the straight ends off and then in June, I got a devachan dry curly cut and finally freed myself of almost all of my straight ends whew that felt good. All in all, in these 10 months I probably got 5-6 inches cut off. Thanks to weekly deep conditioners, protein treatments and only using the flat iron twice since October, my hair is SO much healthier and curlier now. Now I'm on my growth kick. My goal is to grow it down to bra strap length while curly. I may flat iron it when I reach my 1 year natural-versary lol just to see the difference. Here are some pictures of my journey thus far, beginning with October 2009 and ending with July 2010:

This is when I got my devachan cut in June 2010

This is now:


  1. Beautiful. You better work it girl!

  2. Found you on Naturally Curly forums. You look fabulous, my dear. I just did a BC on 7/20 and I'm LOVING the freedom of natural. I've been practicing CG for two years now and I relaxed twice in all of that time, but it just isn't the same so I decided to chop it all off.

    Is your hair completely natural or texturized at all? It's gorgeous!!

  3. aww thanks so much :) and yes my hair is completely natural, no chemicals....well except for a demi-permanent black hair dye lol

  4. Your curly hair is absolutely beautiful! Love it! I think curly hair is so much more sexy than straight, but maybe I'm biased because I'm a curly girl too :) I watched your youtube video- the one where you are going through your routine. Great stuff. I'm going to have to try the Shea Moisture products on mine and my daughter's hair.

  5. Holy Coils, that is some seriously hot hair. Wow. I have density-volume envy! What a great and glorious transition. You look seriously beeeeeyooootiful!