Saturday, April 17, 2010

Been gone too long...

Hey friends (in my head) haha just kidding. I've been gone for quite some time due to computer problems. Well I got it fixed and now I'm back in business :) Anyway, I know this is primarily a natural hair blog, but I'm going to start incorporating more aspects of my life, such as my love for makeup, my obsession for losing weight, and just life issues in general.

So as far as my curly hair journey, I have now been curly (flat-iron free) for six months now! wow that's crazy, my husband probably didn't think I would last more than a few weeks lol. Well after six months I am finally learning what works for my hair....and that is my handy dandy diffuser!! Going out with wet hair has been getting annoying so I've been diffusing my hair lately with my dryer and I really like the are two recent pictures

And I've also been doing more makeup lately. Here are a few pics of people that I've done.

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  1. I love your hair and I love the eyeshadow on the second girl! I know what I'm going to try later! ;D